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Make payments the easy way with your own online banking details – fast and direct.

How it works

Select your bank

Select your country and with the help of the bank's sort code, choose the bank that will carry out the transfer.



Now you're in the login section of our secure payment form. Log in with your own online banking login details. The information will be sent to your bank in an encrypted form.


Prepare the transfer

You will be asked for a TAN. Each TAN can be used only once and for your security cannot be entered a second time.



You will now receive a summary of your SOFORT Überweisung transfer or an order confirmation from the online shop. This gives you all information about your purchase in one place.


SOFORT Überweisung Live Demo

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Frequently asked questions

How exactly does SOFORT Überweisung work?

What is SOFORT Überweisung and how does it work?

SOFORT Überweisung is an online direct payment method and works on the basis of tried-and-tested online banking. The big advantage is: You don't need to register or open a virtual account, known as a wallet. It is an immediate and direct transfer of funds. Customers who select SOFORT Überweisung as their preferred method of payment for an online purchase will be directed straight to the secure sofort.com payment form. All transfer data is carried over automatically so that you only need to enter your bank's sort code along with your usual online banking login details and finally the confirmation code in order to authorise the transfer. All information delivered to your bank in an encrypted form. The online merchant receives confirmation of the transfer order in real time and can dispatch the goods promptly. This means there's no waiting time before the goods are sent, as is the case with payments in advance (by means of a bank transfer) for example.

What advantages do I have from paying with SOFORT Überweisung?

You have a lot of advantages. In particular, you can expect faster delivery of the goods you order online, because the merchant receives confirmation of the transaction immediately after you set up the transfer order, so he can dispatch merchandise very quickly. With SOFORT Überweisung you don't need to register. You don't require a credit card, learn new passwords, or go to the effort of keeping a virtual bank account, such as a wallet. Thanks to the two-stage authentication procedure (with PIN and TAN) using SOFORT Überweisung is more secure than paying with a credit card or eWallet. Additionally, you have the advantage of not needing to type in information a second time, which is potentially a source of error. All payment information that the bank requires for the transfer is already there. That's what makes this payment method so convenient.

Do I have to register in order to use SOFORT Überweisung?

No. With SOFORT Überweisung, you can make payments easily and securely without registering. All you need is an online banking account with PIN and TAN procedure or a HBCI card.

How is SOFORT Überweisung different from eWallets like PayPal?

PayPal is what's known as an eWallet, an electronic purse. Users must transfer money first to the PayPal account or set up a direct debit order from their bank account or credit card. SOFORT Überweisung, however, doesn't require such detours, because it works on the basis of recognised online banking. You don't have to go to the effort of registering or setting up a virtual account. This means there's no need for additional bookkeeping. Your online banking login details like PIN and your TAN are all that you need for online shopping.

Which online banking accounts can I use SOFORT Überweisung with?

You can use SOFORT Überweisung with the online current accounts of most banks. What's super practical: the payment form of SOFORT Überweisung lets you search for your bank. Use with deposit accounts, investment accounts or financial accounts, however, is not possible.

As a purchaser, do I incur costs for using SOFORT Überweisung?

Just the opposite: more than 20% of merchants grant you a discount when you use SOFORT Überweisung. Furthermore, according to the 2012 study of online payment by the EHI Retail Institute, SOFORT Überweisung is the online payment method with which merchants are least likely to charge a payment fee.

Which TAN procedures does SOFORT Überweisung support?

SOFORT Überweisung supports all common TAN procedures (TAN list/iTAN, mobile TAN, SmartTAN, TAN generator, optical TAN procedures).
The procedure is also HBCI compatible.

Can I cancel a payment that I've made with SOFORT Überweisung?

No. Cancellation of a transfer is no longer possible once the bank has taken receipt of the transfer order. If goods are returned properly, the merchant will refund your money.

How do I get my money back if I return the goods?

If you send goods back after purchase, the return and refund process is the same as with other payment methods. The merchant will refund the money back to your bank account. Some of our merchants have set up a service for refunding money.

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