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Financial Services

We categorise financial services according to their individual and varied market requirements. Currently, we cover a large number of European countries – and our goal is soon to be able to offer our service to end customers throughout Europe. With Deutsche Handelsbank as our partner, we have filled the gap in the market. The Deutsche Handelsbank offers all common payment services, and in addition, financing and much more from a single source.


Are you a bank that would like to confirm its customers’ trust in the bank-friendly payment system of SOFORT GmbH and in doing so keep money within the banking sphere? Then you are the right candidate to cooperate with us.

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Are you a Payment Service Provider enabling your traders a technical processing via your own systems? Then you can easily offer our range of products in your product portfolio. By integrating the SOFORT Gateway, which includes SOFORT as real-time online bank transfer, you'll be offering your traders a lot of benefits - not only for the German market, but also across borders in many other European countries.


Do you run an online or mobile eWallet with which you carry out payments and money transfers electronically? Then by integrating SOFORT Gateway, which includes SOFORT, you can offer your traders and end consumers an internationally available real-time online direct transfer to top up their eWallets.

Prepaid-Card Provider

Are you a producer of prepaid cards and programs? Then you can offer your customers and end consumers SOFORT as a fast and secure international top-up option. You receive immediate confirmation of the transaction and therefore have the chance to carry out a prompt value date for the amount on the customer's card.

Money Remitter

Do you as a service provider enable money transfers between payer and payee? Then by integrating the SOFORT interface, you can offer the option of a virtual money transfer. SOFORT provides immediate confirmation of the transaction, giving you the possibility to arrange the forwarding of the money to the recipient. We offer a fixed transaction fee, so that there's dramatic rise in fees even with large amounts.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

If you as a service provider offer your platform trade in goods and currency, then by integrating the SOFORT interface you can offer your customers the possibility of a real-time online transfer to top up their account on your platform.

Overview of financial service partners

  • banca-sella-it
  • Bankdirektat
  • BKS Bank
  • BTV Bank
  • buckaroo
  • Checkout
  • CommDoo
  • Computop
  • ConCardis
  • Deutsche Handelsbank
  • DKB
  • docdata_payments
  • eCardon
  • eMerchantPay
  • EOS
  • EPGBill
  • globalcollect
  • heidelpay
  • HYPO Salzburg
  • HypoSteiermark
  • Hypo Tirol Bank
  • icepay
  • Ingenico Payment Services
  • iPayDNA
  • kalixa
  • Mollie
  • multisafepay
  • neteller
  • novalnet
  • Novalnet
  • Oberbank
  • PayZen
  • PPRO
  • PrivatbankAGat
  • RemitONE
  • skrill
  • Smart2pay
  • wirecard
  • WorldPaylogo

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