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Payment Service Provider

Integrate our products through your current Payment Service Provider and get the ability to manage all your payments options easily and centrally.

Through the partnerships with the following Payment Service Provider you get a fast, easy and simple integration of SOFORT.

And if you do have a question, just give us a call.

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Monday to Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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+49 89 20 20 889 - 400

Payment Service Provider

  • abilipay abilipay
  • Acapture Acapture
  • Adyen Adyen
  • apco apco
  • Atos Worldline Atos Worldline
  • BIG FISH Payment Gateway BIG FISH Payment Gateway
  • ChargeXP ChargeXP
  • Cologix GmbH Cologix GmbH
  • Commonpay Commonpay GmbH
  • Computop Computop
  • Concardis Logo Concardis
  • Crystal Payments Crystal Payments
  • Datatrans Datatrans
  • DSPayment DSPayment
  • Easycash Easycash
  • EVO Payments EVO Payments
  • Fidor Payment Service Fidor Payment Service
  • First Cash GmbH First Cash GmbH
  • GestPay/Banca Sella GestPay/Banca Sella
  • Girosolution Girosolution
  • IndiaPay IndiaPay
  • Ingenico Logo Ingenico Group
  • Lyra Network Lyra Network
  • mPAY24 mPAY24
  • Netaxept Netaxept
  • NORDpay NORDpay
  • Novalnet AG Novalnet AG
  • optile optile
  • Ouroboros PencePay Ouroboros PencePay
  • Payrexx Payrexx
  • Prepaid Financial Services Prepaid Financial Services
  • Remit Anywhere Remit Anywhere
  • SIX Payment SIX Payment
  • Slimpay Slimpay
  • SWISSgate SWISSgate
  • tefPAY tefPAY
  • Buckaroo Buckaroo
  • TeleCash IPG TeleCash IPG
  • Wirecard CEE Logo Wirecard CEE
  • Worldpay Logo Worldpay