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In order to successfully register, please state the same data in the company and address field as you stated when applying for the VAT identification number. Please verify your data here.

Merchandise trade: sale of physical goods (e.g. clothing, electronics, books) and travel

Content: Sales of digital goods (such as e-books, music, tickets for events) and services (e.g. marketing, consulting, dating portals) except for services in the fields of gaming, games, and adult

Gaming & Games: e.g. offer of online computer games and online gambling

Adult: e.g. offer of adult videos for download

Public law: legal entity under public law (e.g. foundations, institutions, corporations) and municipal companiesn

Common public interest: A corporation which pursues charitable ends within the meaning of the tax-advantaged purposes section (Sec. 51-68) of the German fiscal system.
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