Sofort is one of the most secure payment methods worldwide.

Millions of customers have used Sofort since its inception in 2005. Not one single fraud case has occurred against end customers who have entered their log in details and confirmation codes into Sofort GmbH’s systems.

Online-Banking access data like your confidential log in details or confirmation codes are not stored by the Sofort GmbH and are inaccessible at all times from external sources or to Sofort GmbH employees.

Damage exemption in the unlikely case of data misuse.

We are so confident of the security of Sofort, the Sofort GmbH commits itself to reimbursing end customers, who enter their log in details and confirmation codes into our system, of any financial loss which might occur to the end customer from the misuse of his/her log in details and confirmation codes routed via our system. The Sofort GmbH will pay the amount reciprocally and simultaneously against cession of any claims by the end customer against third parties. In addition, the end user is obliged to provide Sofort GmbH with all the necessary information pertaining to the pursuit of the matter, and to register an official complaint. The claim is not limited to any specific amount, however, it is not to exceed the amount to which damages occurred as a result of the misuse of the purloined log in details and confirmation codes.