SOFORT Integration Guidelines


The following guidelines are designated for Sofort Standalone/Sofort Classic customers only. If you have Sofort/Direct Bank Transfer integrated via Klarna, or you offer other Klarna payment products within your checkout, please pick the right link below based on your type of integration.

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Here you can find the assets you can use in your country/market.
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Talking about what merchant assets you need to have on your site in order to achieve a brand-friendly integration, we should remind ourselves of what the payment selector is. The payment selector could be seen as a container for the so-called brand elements. In this case, the brand elements are Sofort’s payment badge and Sofort’s payment descriptor. Below you will find correct namings for the payment descriptor based on your country and information on how to use the payment badge.

Payment Descriptors

Region Payment method descriptor
AT Sofortüberweisung
BE (Dutch)
BE (French)
Directe bankoverschrijving
Virement bancaire
CH (German)
CH (French)
CH (Italian)
Virement bancaire
Bonifico Diretto
DE Sofortüberweisung
ES Transferencia Bancaria Online
FI Verkkopankkimaksu
IT Bonifico Diretto
NL Bankoverschrijving
PL Przelew elektroniczny
SE Banköverföring
UK Bank Transfer


The SOFORT badge creates the most recognition with our checkout badges and should always be used when talking about our benefits within a merchant context.

Asset download

The Assets-Package below provides dark and light theme versions as SVG and additional resolutions as PNGs.


If you're going to use the SOFORT branding assets make sure to keep consistency all over your shopping experience. This includes all onsite touch points including footer payment-badges, customer services pages, payment method overview, faqs and so on.

Detailed Payment Method Description

If your checkout allows for a read more box to explain the Sofort payment method, the following text should be used:


No need to enter any lengthy card numbers, no need to create an account, no need for anyone to store your details. Just use your own online banking details to make a purchase. With an immediate transaction confirmation your order will be processed immediately. Convenient and secure. Click. Done.

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